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Island Life in the Philippines

February 12, 2010

We spent a week in a little guesthouse on Panagsama beach in Moalboal. The door to our room opened onto a porch that faced the beach: a small sandy and rocky patch, with calm waves lapping, barely covering a wonderland of coral, and in the distance the mountainous outline of the island of Negros. The […]

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Malaysia Book of World Records

January 31, 2010

Strolling through the bustling night market alleys of Malacca, I began to notice a congestion of people ahead with the crunchy noise of a PA system growing from the center. This piqued my interest and so I made my way to the ring of people to find in the center a Malaysian man dressed like a martial […]

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Lucky Bamboo Ball

January 30, 2010

Two months ago, at a night market in Laos, Nate bought this ball thinking perhaps we would make good use of it during our downtime. That hasn’t really happened, but we’ve attracted a good bit of friendly and curious attention, making some friends just through having it hanging off one of our bags while traveling. […]

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Swimming with Sharks

January 13, 2010

In the ’90s, the little island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand, started attracting backpackers for its beautiful and affordable diving. Today Koh Tao hosts over 40 dive shops and certifies more open-water divers than any where in the world except for Cairns, Australia. This keeps prices competitive and promises a culture revolving […]

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Diving deeper. Diving Longer.

January 13, 2010

So the last week or so Becca and I have been figuring out this whole “diving” thing we love, and how far to take it. We looked into becoming Divemasters, but ultimately decided that was a bit much at this point, and found two specialty courses that would extend our scuba diving limits and open […]

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A Climber’s Paradise

January 6, 2010

Railay, Thailand: Not quite an island, but an isolated isthmus accessible only by boat due to impenetrable rock formations. The area is famous for its climbing. In addition to over 700 routes and a laid-back climbing-focused hippie culture, it seems that you can’t go very far on the island without encountering a pathway involving at […]

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Seduced by Scuba

January 1, 2010

We’re addicted. There’s no denying it. Our journey overseas began as an exploration of unfamiliar cultures and is now morphing to focus on the fascinating underwater world, Southeast Asia boasts some of the best diving, after all. We’re doing our best to photograph underwater, but the Canon D10 has it’s limits. The photos above are […]

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Plunge into the cold water and repeat.

November 28, 2009

Ever drifted down a river only 20 feet before you had two shots and a mixed drink, lost your sunglasses, and swung on a 30 ft trapeze swing into the river? It caught us by surprise too. The 6km drift down the Nam Song River can easily become a drunken blur after visiting a few […]

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Scuba Diving

October 25, 2009

Nha Trang, which Becca already declares that she loves, is known for it’s excellent scuba diving – the best in Vietnam. So, when we landed in this exciting beach town, we didn’t waste any time. We went straight to work finding a dive shop to get us certified, and luckily we found the best with […]

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Climbing in Halong Bay

October 1, 2009

Halong Bay is a climber’s paradise. With thousands of untapped rock islands, this bay has just begun to be explored by the climbing world, specifically a group of expats at Slo Pony. We stayed upstairs from Slo Pony, so a day excursion was inevitable. The day included some top roping in the morning, deep-water soloing […]

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