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Cat Ba Island

by becca on October 2, 2009

Here are some more photos from our 5 days in Cat Ba. The first set is of this little family house/shrimp farm/restaurant. It was out in the middle of nowhere, just a house with a bamboo hut on stilts over the water, and the shrimp were the freshest I’ve ever had, which is saying a lot coming from Louisiana. The second batch documents our trek up to what may be the highest point on the island, 2 days of rain, and finally, Nate and I on motorbikes exploring the island. Woot.


Climbing in Halong Bay

by nate on October 1, 2009

Halong Bay is a climber’s paradise. With thousands of untapped rock islands, this bay has just begun to be explored by the climbing world, specifically a group of expats at Slo Pony. We stayed upstairs from Slo Pony, so a day excursion was inevitable. The day included some top roping in the morning, deep-water soloing in the afternoon, and kayaking when our hands and arms became useless. The sights were beautiful, and the climbing world-class. An unforgettable day I would recommend to anyone up for the challenge.


Exploring Caves on Cat Ba

September 30, 2009

Cat Ba Island is a small island in Halong Bay, off the Northeastern coast of Vietnam. There are a few caves on the island that we took some time to explore one of the five days we were there. First, Hospital Cave. This served as a secret hospital during the Vietnam (or here, the American) […]

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