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Teddy’s Banana Farm

by becca on March 25, 2010

We spent the better part of two weeks staying at Sea Dive Resort in Coron Town. The waterfront restaurant of the resort is sort of the “it” place to be in town, and as such we met quite a few people in our time there. One morning we met an American couple: Judith and Teddy. Both are successful business people who, over the course of a few days, inspired Nate and I and bestowed a great deal of advice upon us. Teddy was born in the Philippines and at 12-years-old made the journey over to the states to live with his family in the neighborhood of Echo Park in Los Angeles. He now spends half the year in Coron working on various projects: boat building, maintaining a banana farm, buying islands, caring for three young girls and now breaking into the political scene of the area.

Teddy and Judith invited us along on a boat trip to a nearby island that Teddy owns. To board the boat we took a 10-minute walk, balancing on wooden planks over septic water winding between small homes to Teddy’s traditional no-frills Filipino house. The girls sat on the bow like they were born to be on the water. We then went to his banana farm for lunch. Sadly, no bananas, or pineapples, or jackfruit were ripe for picking, but we had a delightful lunch and the girls entertained us by picking up our cameras and having a mini photo shoot.

The advantage of long term travel shines through when you have the time to meet people and spend your days on unique and unexpected jaunts. On the way back from the banana farm we were at a loss for transportation so we stood out on the road (all seven of us) and waited until a truck carrying a load of beer bottles (empty and full) stopped to give us a lift. What a day.

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