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Stop over in Salt Lake City

by becca on June 29, 2010

When I had the chance to make a four hour stop in Salt Lake City instead of flying direct from Oakland to New Orleans, I took it.

Phil picked me up at the airport and we drove around downtown, admiring the very creatively named streets… they’re all numbered radiating from a single point in the middle of the city where the Mormon Temple sits. We both nursed hangovers at Phil’s favorite little place, Park Cafe (delicious!) and then took a ride through Big Cottonwood Canyon where in May, we had a legitimate snowball fight. I returned to the airport just in time for my flight to be delayed four hours, but it was totally worth it.

Nate made a similar trip a week later. He ended up taking a free shuttle bus from the airport to the Mormon temple where a group of girls gravitated toward him like magnets and “were really nice, but were trying to get inside me.” Metaphorically speaking of course, asking stuff like “Isn’t the world pretty? Isn’t this such a beautiful and fascinating world? Don’t you wonder where it came from? Some one had to make this right? That’s God.” (Insert dramatic pauses at will.) Phil came to his rescue: a romantic spot for the sunset, some chinese take out, and a few beers at Phil’s place. Not bad for an extended layover.

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