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Seduced by Scuba

by becca on January 1, 2010

We’re addicted. There’s no denying it. Our journey overseas began as an exploration of unfamiliar cultures and is now morphing to focus on the fascinating underwater world, Southeast Asia boasts some of the best diving, after all.

We’re doing our best to photograph underwater, but the Canon D10 has it’s limits. The photos above are from one shallow dive and a day of snorkeling. If anyone wants to send over an underwater housing for the Canon G10, we’ll gladly accept it 🙂

While on Koh Phi Phi, part of the Andaman Islands to the west of mainland Thailand, Nate, Leah, and I did one day of fun diving. Two days later we were signed up for the Advanced Open Water PADI course, consisting of five adventure dives: a deep dive down to 30 meters (about 100 ft), a dive where we fine tuned our buoyancy skills, a night dive (Nate’s favorite, I was terrified and it turns out our instructor was too!), a wreck dive, and a navigation dive.

For me, spending time on a boat in the sun, eating fresh fruit, and socializing with other people who share a passion for diving draws me in almost as much as the feeling of actually diving. Almost. Breathing underwater, swimming next to sea turtles, exploring sunken ships (or ferries), and that weightless sensation that feels like you’re flying as you forget you’re far below the ocean’s surface – these are the things that keep me coming back for more.

Diving in Phi Phi is really good with numerous dive sites all with healthy reefs and loads of fish. Some of the cooler things we saw included black tip sharks, leopard shark, cuttlefish, hawksbill sea turtles, parrotfish, giant pufferfish, masked porcupine fish, yellow box fish, a seahorse, razorfish, ghost pipe fish, moray eels, a whole school of wide eyed eels, scorpion fish, lion fish, fan and table corals, a sunken ferry, loads of baracuda, peacock mantis shrimp, and decorated crabs. It’s amazing how last week I wouldn’t have been able to name most of this stuff, but as you dive more and more, the underwater landscape becomes more familiar and exciting as a whole new world opens up.

At the end of it all, we’re definitely more confident divers and are set on learning more and getting better. We’re now just trying to figure out where to get our next certification.

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lindsey 01.02.10 at 10:00 am

Awesome. I found the same love when in the same area of the world. An unbelievable rush and a whole new world. Have you noticed yet how all the fish feel “giant”??

sabah 01.02.10 at 10:07 pm

love love love the jellyfish housing the little fish!!

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