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Padre Burgos Pier

by nate on March 1, 2010

From the surface, the Padre Burgos pier doesn’t look like much: a cement roadway jutting out into the bay only a few feet above the water at high tide supported by cement pillars. But underneath, especially at night, there is an ecosystem that we had the pleasure of exploring. Entering the water at night was a little intimidating, walking down a slippery staircase into choppy dark water with a strong surge, but the moon was out and even without a torch we could see where we were going. A little light from an underwater flashlight went a long way though, and we illuminated lionfish of all sizes, a couple of frogfish, a stargazer as it broke through the sand to eat a small fish, pygmy seahorses, juvenile cuttlefish changing colors as they mated, an octopus, various nudi branches, a sea bunny and a sea hare, a mandarin fish, not to mention the various coral coming alive to feed. The dive was shallow, with a max depth of 8 meters, so I brought my little snorkeling camera and tried to capture some of the activity.

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