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Island Walking

by nate on March 12, 2010

Another day trip we took from Borongan was to Divinubo, a nearby island that we could actually walk to during low tide. This little journey took us through a post-apocalyptic landscape or a “sunken” moonscape as we began to say. The ground was an interesting combination of volcanic rock and dead reef, equally hard, sharp, and unforgiving. Littered throughout the landscape were tiny sea urchins and hermit crabs that seemed to form bustling communities around a few select rocks. The walk guided up across two tiny sandbank islands, and past a few excited spear fishermen, and children jumping on the boulders.

A few hours later we found an area with large connected pools, deep enough to swim in with a series of caves to swim through and climb up. It took a bit longer than expected to find the pools, so it was amazing to cool down and explore for a while. The water wasn’t exactly a fishes paradise, but the rock formations were stunning as the terrain of our entire trip was like a single rock carved with passageways and deep pools from ocean tides and plenty of time.

We circled the last of the three islands, with huge caves and rich foliage surrounding the interior of the island, in search of the local fishing village. The locals happily greeted us curiously as we stopped for a few San Miguel’s and to negotiate a bangka ride back across the bay.

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