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Diving deeper. Diving Longer.

by nate on January 13, 2010

Studying on the beach for our Specialty Courses.

So the last week or so Becca and I have been figuring out this whole “diving” thing we love, and how far to take it. We looked into becoming Divemasters, but ultimately decided that was a bit much at this point, and found two specialty courses that would extend our scuba diving limits and open some diving possibilities. We decided on the Deep Specialty and Nitrox Specialty courses.

Deep Diving
The deeper you dive, the more risk you’re exposed to. Makes sense. Recreational divers with this special certification can dive to the maximum recreational depth of 40m, with a little more classroom time, and some more technical knowledge. At that depth it begins to get much darker and colder, and one might begin to feel a little nitrogen narcosis which is the condition of having large amounts of nitrogen in the blood, leading to a “drunk” state.

Jacques Cousteau’s friend Didi wrote the first account of Nitrogen Narcosis while diving in the Mediterranean Sea in 240 feet of water. He called it “Rapture of the Deep”. Read an excerpt here.

The standard mixture of air you find in a tank is 21% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen. With Nitrox, you are given 22-40% Oxygen. Many people believe this means you can go deeper, but its actually the opposite, as oxygen toxicity can become a real problem. The main benefits are longer diving times, and shorter surface intervals between dives. It can give a diver the extra time they need to fully explore a dive site, and at the end of a diving day, the diver is a little less tired. Sign me up.

We have some exciting dives planned in the near future, in which these specialties will definitely come into play. Can’t wait to share!

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