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Bunk Beds

by nate on February 12, 2010

Do you ever find yourself talking to an inanimate object like wood? Let’s say something like a plywood platform that makes the base of the bunkbed above your head. This has been the case for a few recent guesthouses in which the only private room Becca and I can get is, well, a room with bunk beds.

Becca always claims the top bunk. This choice offers her peace of mind since the beds seem to be made for smaller, lighter people and all be built circa 1972, or at least that’s the date of the “Marcus from Germany” carving I’m reading at the moment. The reasoning I always loose the top bunk is, “Well if it collapses, it would be better to land on you. You’re a guy.” Fifty percent of that argument I can’t argue with, and she always rounds up.

This decision happens a few minutes after we’ve dropped our bags in the corner of the room, and now we collapse on our designated beds. Then the conversation starts. This usually begins with what we do next, how to get there, or conversing about what Becca and I just saw or visited. But it always starts with me looking up the planks or plywood and talking back to them.

Sometime it’s a funny conversation in which the awkward missing screws, different colored bed posts, and funny folds of floral-printed bed sheets dangling above make even more hilarious; bed springs laughing along with us. Other times we can’t agree where to go next, or are too physically hot and tired to be amused. Our tempers are short, and mine gets shorter as I realize my face is a foot from the planks and our room doesn’t have a window. I look at the planks very “pointedly” wondering why my body language and facial gestures are getting lost to you, Mr. Plank, who can’t stop sharing the happy-go-lucky musings of past travelers, and whose paint is probably chipping off on me.

But these conversations don’t last very long. Little rooms with bunk beds aren’t the best lounges and a resolution is quickly sought to rescue us. And then we’re out, with Mr. Plank waiting my return.

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Rachel 02.25.10 at 9:56 pm

You guys are adorable, also…I agree with Becca….round up and the guy should be on the bottom.

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