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Vietnamese Iced Coffee

by becca on October 26, 2009

Becca with her Vietnamese coffee.

Becca with her Vietnamese coffee.

When Nate and I first arrived in Vietnam, we made a conscious decision to stop drinking coffee. After a few days of headaches from a lack of caffiene, this was going great.

Then, my birthday rolled around. It was 8am and we were sitting in a classroom watching DVDs on diving. I made the mistake of asking Kris, our instructor, if the dive shop had anything with caffiene in it, honestly hoping for a Diet Coke. He came back with a Vietnamese iced coffee. It only took one to get me hooked.

Sweetened condensed milk topped with thick black coffee. Add ice. Stir well. Bam. Vietnamese coffee. To drink it correctly, you let some of the ice melt to water it down a bit. I usually have trouble with this. The thick, sweet drink tastes like the perfect mix of coffee and chocolate. It reminds me of chocolate snowballs with cream (aka cold chocolaty ice sculpted into a cone, topped with sweetened condensed milk) which is one of my favorite treats at home in Baton Rouge.

Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee exporter; Brazil is the first. And a little wikipedia reading informed me that many Vietnamese living in Louisiana found a great substitute for traditional Vietnamese-grown in French roast coffee with chickory.

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Haley 10.26.09 at 10:03 pm

dude, i remember those delicious condensed milk ice cones! they were SO good! i also remember collecting every quarter in your house so we could walk to get them, twice a day if we found enough quarters.

and i’ve known about the deliciousness that is vietnamese iced coffee for a while, it is super addictive and delicious. also, that explains why cafe du monde coffee is always for sale in asian grocery stores!

ps i love you guys and miss you both a lot.

becca 11.02.09 at 12:50 am

You are one of the few who actually liked the chocolate cones, most people think they’re weird and gross… what do they know? Still when I go home to BR, I make sure to make a few trips to the snowball stand! We miss you too. Hope all is well love.

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