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Typhoon Recovery

by becca on October 6, 2009

About 3 days before we arrived in Hue, the city was flooded from Typhoon Ketsana, one of the worst to hit in years. We were a bit nervous about traveling to a city that may be devastated, but to our surprise, we could hardly even tell there was a flood. Other than some mud on a few patches of side walk and road, there was no evidence that 3 days earlier, the road we were walking on had been 4 feet underwater. We talked to a guy at the cafe where we had breakfast when we first arrived and he explained the process of cleaning up with a smile on his face, it went something like this:

We have much experience with this. When we know the flood is coming, we put everything high up. We put the things like tv and electronics in the freezer where they don’t get wet. When the rain stops, you have to clean as the water leaves. You have to stir up the mud so that it leaves with the water and doesn’t stay on the bottom. This takes a lot of time.

All the power outlets in this town, at least in places prone to flooding, sit about 4 or 5 feet from the floor. And houses here aren’t filled with a bunch of junk. A “living room” usually contains a mattress or two, a table, some small plastic chairs, a tv and a shelf or stand for the tv. And the majority of floors are tile.

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