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The tailors in Hoi An

by nate on October 16, 2009

We splurged a bit when we got to Hoi An. This ancient port city is well know for it’s tailored clothing, fine suits being one of the favorite items. With a recommendation from Quy, and no real expectation for what would be involved, we walked to a chosen shop and made an appointment for the next day.

When we arrived, we were greeted with stacks of reference material. After flipping through some haute couture magazines, I found a 3 piece suit for the job. Next came the material selection,which really defines the price. I’ve never owned a suit, so I went with a very nice dark gray, British cashmere. Beautiful fabric.

The countless measurements then began. The tailor laughed at how long my arms are, understanding why long sleeve shirts never fit. Never fit.

We were told to come back the next morning for refinements, which also became that afternoon, and the next day. Not entirely painless, but we made it through.

All in all, I had a 3 piece suit, 3 long sleeve shirts,tie, and a pair of shorts tailored. Becca had suit pants and vest, and 2 pairs of shorts made.

These tailors can make anything. You can bring a magazine and just flip through the pages, pointing at suits, dresses, bags, shoes, coats… just name it, and they will make it custom-tailored for your exact fit. All our numbers are now written in their “book”, ┬áso if I need another custom suit made, an email with photo attachment will do it.

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