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by nate on September 30, 2009

This post could have probably been posted a while back, but I thought it would be important to have some time with the electronics we brought, and see what’s useful and what’s not.

The technology we brought

The technology we brought

Here’s the list:
PC sync cord
hotshoe adapter
USB cord
(2) iPod
(2) apple cord + power adapter
apple cord
(2) headphones
(2) iPhone
power adapter
flash drive (thanks Taxi)
mini tripod
headphone splitter
Flip UltraHD
camera charger
Canon G10 (not pictured)
Asus 1005HA PC, 2GB ram
160 GB external hard drive

Overall We’ve been quite happy with the gizmos. The iPhones have become our wifi locators, when people don’t know what we’re talking about and also “the other” computer, while we pass the netbook back and forth, uploading, sorting,organizing and catching up on life. Travel converters have been needed rarely, as most outlets have a few different plug options in one, but that may just be Vietnam. The mouse has not been used, but we have a few destinations that we plan on actually doing some design work,and I’m sure it will be invaluable then. What was not pictured was my favorite of the electronics, Becca’s Canon G10. Best travel camera I’ve ever used, and Becca rocks the camera like no other; with fully manual controls plus video, it has it all. Including the flash, sync cord and hotshoe attachment, we brought all the components for a very rudimentary photo rig, for when the time comes. And with the addition of the mouse, USB sync and computer, we brought along the photobooth just in case.

I’ve been using the Flip UltraHD as my recording device, and have been very happy with the results. Awesome battery, awesome recording length, and awesome quality. Awesome camera overall. I’ve tried to use the software for organization and editing, but the folders don’t exist outside the Flip software, and when using the easy upload to youtube, it doesn’t transfer the HD format, which really surprised me. Making a rudimentary movie is quite simple, but I think I’ll start using Bridge for organization from now on.

Lots of storage. 160GB external, 160GB on computer, and big ipods. I think this is all we’ll need if we edit stuff down, and upload often. I wish we had brought a few more movies on the hard drive though, because when it rains, it really rains, and the TV in rooms is hit or miss.

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Alison V 09.30.09 at 11:29 am

For one, let me just say that as someone who works in a windowless office, I think your travel plans are quite inspiring. I have to ask, how have you kept your (precious!) technology so successfully dry and relatively protected from thieves?

nate 09.30.09 at 11:39 pm

I’m actually sitting with 3 Europeans in Ninh Binh at the moment, all of whom brought their own netbook. The landscape of traveling technology has certainly surprised me, as wifi has truly saturated Vietnam.

To answer your question, keeping dry isnt too bad. Almost all the technology components fit into a small bag that I tuck deep into my pack. The netbook is tiny and I keep it in a day pack, or tucked in the main pack. We brought a dry bag and some zipper locks but haven’t used them yet. I also brought a pack cover which I when traveling in the rain, or motorboats during 5 foot swells.

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