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Plunge into the cold water and repeat.

by nate on November 28, 2009

Ever drifted down a river only 20 feet before you had two shots and a mixed drink, lost your sunglasses, and swung on a 30 ft trapeze swing into the river? It caught us by surprise too. The 6km drift down the Nam Song River can easily become a drunken blur after visiting a few of the many bars lining its banks.

The basic gist is: you’re floating along in your ancient innertube, a young Lao guy spots you coming and throws a bottle attached to a rope over your head. You grab on as he pulls you up to the bamboo platform and you promptly order a drink from the fully stocked bar. Since you’ve bought something, you’re now marked (with a string around your wrist, a marker scribble on your hand, or a painted fingernail), indicating that you now have access to the “play things” at each bar including trapeze swings, ziplines and slides. They all vary in size, length and legitimacy, but it’s all over water right? At each stop you can watch the bravery/drunkness escalate, but all in good fun. I preferred the trapeze swing, because you’re standing 60ft above the water, each foot on a plank with nothing beneath you. The swing is handed to you, and because it’s attached to 30ft of cable, its almost pulls you down. A few “What the @&#$ am I doing?!” mutters under the breath, plus a few seconds more of alcohol digestion and WHOOSH. Hold on for dear life. Then let go of course, but not too soon or late because landing on your face, stomach or back is not pleasant.

Plunge into the cold water and repeat.

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