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by nate on December 26, 2009

Bangkok likes it big. Everything from massively massive malls that could store stadiums inside, to art installations you walk into, under, and look up to. Santa Claus has also found this metropolis with everything blinking red and green. The whole service industry is wearing Santa hats, and Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs play absolutely everywhere.

We spent the first few nights in Bangkok off the notorious Khao San Road, where alcohol, foreigners, ladyboys, and bad cover bands live in harmony. Our 6 am bus arrival was greeted with foreigners still partying. Unfortunately, Becca wasn’t in great shape for most of our stay in Bangkok, so the days were quite laid back as we tried to avoid the long hot walks in one of the most polluted cities in the world. Cough cough.

I did have a chance to see an interesting art exhibit featuring Japanese artists. The Bangkok Art and Culture Center has a layout much like the Guggenheim. The spiral walkway up to the top has some interesting concept shops along the way including a ice cream parlor serving grass brownies and other concept foods. Great idea. I’ve included so highlights in the photos above.

We also managed to see Avatar in 3D, not once, but twice. The movie theaters have mastered luxury, with seat choices ranging from a lush loveseat with free drinks and a waiter, to classic box seats.

In the end, we didn’t really experience Bangkok in the most historical of ways. It has many temples, palaces, and museums waiting for us next time. We’ll be back, promise.

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